Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Simply Soul Care for Youth Workers

Care and encouragement by youth workers, for youth workers
Psalm 61:4 - I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.
Everyone experiences highs & lows in life & ministry, and sometimes it can feel like there is no “safe place” to turn when things get tough. But you’re not alone. Simply Soul Care is a new ministry outreach from Group & Simply Youth Ministry that offers youth workers free, confidential pastoral support when you need it. It’s like “urgent care” for a youth worker’s heart & soul! This ministry first began onsite as “the Shelter” at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, and we’ve realized the need extends outside the conference walls all year long.
If you need to connect with someone, simply fill out the information below and a brief description of your situation. Our on-staff “Pastor to Youth Pastors” will get you connected with someone from our Soul Care Advocate Team within 24 hours. Our incredible Soul Care Advocate team is comprised of pastors and veteran youth workers who’ve volunteered their time to listen to your situation and offer advice and encouragement and prayer. If you need additional support they can also help connect you with professional counselors, mentors, or assist connecting you with the appropriate local support you need.

Personal Comment
 I have not put much of our (wife and I) story on here yet, but this is an outstanding idea and resource.  I know what we have been through in ministry over the years, and how lonely it can feel to be in ministry.  Honestly that is partly, why I started this blog was for all the JH/MS guys and girls out there who just need to hear a voice from where they are at in the trenches.  JH/MS ministry sometimes can be an even more lonely place as in some cases, as a person told me recently, "we are the ugly little step brother to the cool, popular big brother of Sr. High."  

 Use the above resource OR feel free to send me a message (facebook, email, or here) I would be happy to provide my #'s to talk, pray, or listen!!