Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: "The Sacred Mountain" (a novel)

          The Sacred Mountain is a short novel for pre-teen and young teens.  It follows the physical and spiritual adventure of a 7th grade skateboarder named Will, as he spends the summer on an Indian reservation in Arizona.   The storyline follows he and his two new friends, a son and daughter of a local pastor as they investigate the ancient history and mystery surround the “Sacred Mountain” near by. 
The chapters go back and forth between the present and the past revealing some the story that surrounds the ancient tribe and their worship rituals including human sacrifices to the gods of the mountain.  The storyline is a bit predictable with a very unsurprising conclusion.  Lessons and scriptures are included though of the pastor’s outreach sermons during Will’s skateboarding shows giving the book a Christian message.
The style and writing is a bit simplistic, but a good read for the average middle schooler or even late elementary reader.  The book may be especially great for the guys in your group that are into skateboarding.  The book definitely shoots straight and brings the whole story into focus around true faith, salvation and a need for a Savior.
*Review Written for Youth Worker Journal