Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Resource: Morf Magazine

Morf Magazine: Issue 2

    There are a ton of magazines, books, websites, and (*cough) blogs out there about youth ministry. The people at  Student Life have decided to throw their hat in the ring as well, in some refreshing new ways.  They are offering articles for not only youth workers, but also for parents.  They have also decided to make the move to not include all the same big name authors as some of the other publications out there.  Much love and respect to the "big ones" for their wisdom and incited shared in many of the main youth ministry magazines, but it is refreshing to hear other voices.  It also is great to hear from those actively in-the-field doing daily life with students.  The authors, all though lesser known, are experts in their own right and have great insights.  My only complaint, as always being the JH/MS Guy....there needs to me more JH/MS specific content and love!!

     It is FREE to read online or in pdf format (see link at the top), so take and look and see what you think.