Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Newly Added Motion Resource!

Motion background for worship, teaching, announcements and so on are EXPENSIVE! You can make your own or hire one of your inventive students to make some, or you can scour the internet for free and cheap ones.  Well that is in fact what I have done already for you!!  You can find all of the best ones that I have found on my


I have added a new one today that includes a FREE background this week that is a  great worship background. It is  a "horizon shining pink light. In water the sky is reflected." (*according to their website).  The website is RevoStock (  If you sign up for free they will send you a weekly freebie.  Most of their stuff including the weekly freebie is are in HD, so great quality stuff.  Some useful for the MS/JH some not so much.  Take a look and see what is useful. Hope it helps.  Check back on my RESOURCE page, as I will keep adding as I find something good!