Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lesson Series: Connect

Connect #1: “Connect with God” Luke 10:27
1. You were Created to Connect: Luke 10:27, Gen. 1:26, Gen 2:18
2 Your Connection with God Connects to Everything Else: Matt. 22:33-36, I John 4:19-21
3. A Connection with God and Others is Connected to the Cross: I John 4:7-9
Challenge: Are you Connected??
* Resources/Suggestions:
Object Lesson (through out series)- A Lamp
Video Illustration: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation- Clark tries to light the Christmas Lights
Video Closing: Dan Stevers. Com- "Connecting With God" (find it also on You Tube)

Connect #2: Connect with Others: “ Faith Connection”
The Body- Eph. 4
1. Connection of Mind (Head)- Eph. 4:15-16, 20-24
2. Connection of Heart (Heart)- Eph. 4:2-3, 29-32
3. Connection of Soul (Health)- Eph. 4:3-6, 14
4. Connection of Strength (Hands)- Eph. 4:11-13, 28

Challenge: Are you connected to the Body?

* Resources/Suggestions:
Object Lesson: Skeleton and rubber body parts from Halloween Store/find Online 
Video: "Community" by The Resurgence (find it online)
Video Illustration: Wizard of OZ- Dorthy meets the Scarecrow with no brain
Closing Video: "The Body"- Blue Fish TV

Connect #3 Connect with Others- Friend/Foe Connection
1. Friend Connection:
- Good Connection: I Cor. 15:33
- Matching Connection: II Cor. 6:14
-  Constant Connection: Prov. 17:17
2. Foe Connection:
-  Giving Connection: Luke 6:27-29
-  Defused Connection: Prov. 15:1

Challenge: Who are you connected to?

* Resources/Suggestions:
Video: TV Show: Big Bang Theory- Sheldon's Friendship Equation 
Video: "The New Command"- Andy Stanley From Church Leadership. Com

Connect #4 Connect with Others-“Friend Connection #2-the opposite sex”
1. Connected Purpose: Gen 2:18,22
2. Connected Purity: I Tim. 5:1-2, I Thess. 4:4-6
3. Connected Power: I Cor. 11:11-2
4. Connected Plan:  Matt. 19:4-5

* Love Advice for Jr. High? “JUST BE FRIENDS!!”

* Resources/Suggestions:
Intro. Video:  Tim Hawkins- "Difference Between Boys and Girls"- DVD: Rock Star Tour or find it on You Tube
Video Illustration: Daddy Daycare- Check in Scene- are men and women equal?
Video Illustration: Mean Girls- Class Scene-First Crush

Connect #5-The Connection IN You
Connect to God: the source of power- I Cor. 12:12-14
2. Connect to Christ: the source of light- John 8:2
3. Connect to You: the reflection of the light- Matt. 5:14-16

Challenge: What Kind of Light are YOU?

Video Illustration: Lord of the Ring: Return of the King- Gandalf rides into battle shining the light
Video; "The Light" from Worship House Media

OBJECT LESSON CLOSING: "What Kind of Light Are YOU?"
5 Light Bulbs and a Lamp:
- Flashlight  Bulb: small concentrated but only shines in certain areas of your life 
- Night Light Bulb: only shines and comes out in times of fear or difficulty
- Christmas Light Bulb: only shines at holidays and special occasions
- Party Light Bulb/Black Light: only shines at fun times and at parties/events
- Regular Light Bulb: shines everyday, all day, and fits into the lamp of Christ and connects to the power of God and His Word
* Used FREE "Connect" media backgrounds from Stuff I Can Use 
* This Lesson was presented using Media Shout software.  I have "packed" the entire series including fonts, background, and video illustrations.  If you are interested, I would be more than happy to send you a copy.