Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Google Image Leader Background Check!

 Google Image Leader's Background Check 
     No this is not about a serious background check into your leader's is past.  It is a fun and completely Ran-Dumb way to start off your group night with some laughs and fun.  You are of course not really going to pull up real images of your leaders or doing real background checks for this activity.  Although this might be a good idea to find out, about your leader's past??
    It is a simple and fun way to introduce your leader to your group and especially fun for new leader's coming on for the new year.  Simply enter your leader's full name into Google Image search and save the 4-5 best random funny pictures your find related to their name.  Every week for a few weeks in a row make it a big deal and present the pictures you have found.
   You will be amazed at what might come up and it is a lot of laughs for your leaders and your students.   We "found out" that are leaders were: professional wrestlers, disco singers, DJ's, wild life experts, and a bunch of other hilarious stuff.
    Of course do this all before the night and don't do it live, as it can really backfire with some of the images that do come up.   Have fun and enjoy.  Just a quick idea to add some fun to your group times.

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