Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Busy Week, But Coming Soon...

Hey Gang! It is the week after the Holiday Season. I use "holiday" because I am including New Years and Thanksgiving. Please don't get all CHRIST-mas Crazy on me :-) It has been a busy couple weeks with a slight lull and now it is kicking back into high gear again. As I have mentioned, I am in fact a real, live, in-the-trenches MS/JH youth pastor. All that to say,  I am may not be posting much this week. I do have somethings in the hopper for you, so check back!! Coming soon:

- Part #2 of No More Spirtual Junk Food.
- A reflection on "Spouse and Teammate" about the importance of your spouse in middle school/jr. high ministry
- Adding on more of this year's lesson outlines: "Connect", "Storyline" and "OMG" 
- New Book Review: The Volunteer's Back Pocket Guide to Events and Retreats that I just received and will be reading and reviewing for Youthworker Journal

Have a great week.  Check back soon.   Blessings!