Wednesday, December 19, 2012

See You in 2013...Thanks for a Great Year!!

Thanks for a great year-everyone and anyone who stopped by the old blog here.  It has really been fun sharing my resources and other ran-dumb stuff. Hopefully you have found something that could help you around your church or JH/MS ministry?

It has really been great to see how many people have responded to this little experiment....over 15,000 hits this year.  Which for some of you way cooler than me, that may not seem like a lot, but to me, I look at it as an overwhelming and surprising blessing!

Through this little corner of the internet, God has opened up some really amazing doors to represent those ministering to Middle School and Jr. High students.  I have been able to write for a couple great magazines like "Group" and "Youthworker".  I have recently began two partnerships with some great sites like "Stuff You Can Use" and "Jr. High Ministry.Org".  I have also been excited to see my lessons, thoughts, resources and games popping up all over, being used and re-posted.  I am looking forward to a couple guest blog spot for a couple of others' blogs in the new year, so be looking for those. I have had the opportunity to interact and hear from people all over the world and even people that I personally look up to in youth ministry. 

BUT...For now I am taking a couple weeks to rest, get a break and get my sabbath on. My family and I have had a crazy fall and we need to just chill and "be present" with each other.  I will be back hopefully all fresh and new again in the beginning of January.  Feel free to rummage around and see what the last year or so has produced around here.   As always remember--Share More Than Your Opinion!!

-DAN (the JH Uth Guy)
      Ps. 71:17-18

Monday, December 17, 2012

Top 10: Youth Ministry "Chubby" Games?

Before you get your elastic comfort band pants in a bunch, or pop a suspender on your big and talls--I not talking about games for "chubby" people. I am talking about ran-dumb version of the "chubby bunny" game so please don't have your youth ministry over-eaters support group boycott me!? 

Although... this might be the most dangerous and controversial post yet??

10. Actual Marshmallow Bunnies (obvious...)

9. The Giant Campfire Marshmallows

8. Pickles (any kind, little baby gherkin are fun!)

7. Vienna Sausages (suggested the hot sauce kind)

6. Hershey Kisses (gets messy quick..but awesome!)

5. Whole Pickled Jalapeno Peppers

4. Worms (gummy or..real ones!)

3. Bubble Tape (see how much of the roll a person can fit in AND blow a bubble)

2. Sardines (any kind of canned fish will do!!)

1. And just in time for the Holidays....
(*just kidding...please don't do that..that is just dumb!!)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Free Music #20: "10 Free Christmas Songs"

When Hope Came Down - Kari Jobe (New!)
Listen | Lyrics | Free Lead Sheet

Messiah - Kari Jobe (New!)
Listen | Lyrics | Free Lead Sheet

O Come Let Us Adore Him - Hillsong
Listen | Lyrics | Free Lead Sheet

Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground) - Chris Tomlin
Listen | Lyrics | Free Lead Sheet

Joyful (The One Who Saves) - Brenton Brown
Listen | Lyrics | Free Lead Sheet

All Creation Sing - FEE
Listen | Lyrics | Free Lead Sheet

O Come, O Come Emmanuel - David Crowder*Band
Listen | Lyrics | Free Lead Sheet

We Have A Savior - Hillsong
Listen | Lyrics | Free Lead Sheet

Winter Snow - Audrey Assad
Listen | Lyrics | Free Lead Sheet

Glory In The Highest - Chris Tomlin
Listen | Lyrics | Free Lead Sheet
From the Awesome People at:Visit the new

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Game: "Frosty's Revenge" (group game)

A week of so back I re-posted a holiday game called "Rudolph's Revenge",  that I had originally posted a year or so ago. In the new post I mentioned a similar sequel to the game called "Frosty's Revenge".   A couple different people asked about it and wanted to see it.  So by 'sort of ' popular demand, here IS....FROSTY'S REVENGE!!
(*Check the bottom for a editable WORD Document download!!)

 CLICK HERE (it in WORD, PDF, or TXT to edit and make your own)

Monday, December 10, 2012

News U Can Use: "The Digital Generation Gap"

"For kids and parents, there's a digital generation gap, but maybe that's OK"
by: Larry Madrid, for: Forbes.Com

Responses to question "How well informed do you think [your parents/you are about what [you do/your child does online and on a cell phone?"
Years ago there was a public service announcement that aired just before the late night news: “It’s 11:00, Do you know where your children are?”  That ad was designed to alert parents that perhaps they need to pay more attention to what their kids were doing late at night.  Today, the ad could read “Your kids are online 24/7, do you know what they’re doing?”  Most parents think they do, but when you ask the kids, they think their parents are a lot less clued in.
A newly released study (The Online Generation Gap: Contrasting attitudes and behaviors of parents and teens) conducted by Hart Research Associates for the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) found a “generation gap” between what parents think they know about their kids online behavior and what the kids think their parents know.

Perception Gap
Ninety-one percent of parents say they are “well informed about what their kids are doing online and on their cell phones,” but when you ask teens, only 62% say their parents are well informed (21%) or somewhat well informed (41%).

When it comes to Twitter, the study found 38% of parents say they are “well informed” about their teen’s use of the service, compared to 14% of teens who think their parents are well informed That a 24% gap.  There’s an 18 point gap for Facebook and a 14% gap for Pinterest when it comes to how well informed parents think they are compared to what their kids think.

The study found that 84% of parents  report that they monitor their teens’ usage very (31%) or fairly (53%) closely, compared to 39% of teens who say their parents monitor them very (11%) or somewhat (28%) closely, which represents a 45-percentage-point gap between parent and teen perceptions.  There are some interesting differences based on age and whether kids live in a one or two parent household. Younger teens (13-15) are considerably more likely (45%) to say they’re very or somewhat closely monitored compared to 27% of 16-17 year-olds. Teens who live in households with two parents are more likely (41%) to say they’re monitored than those who live in single-parent households (31%).

Source: FOSI/Hart Research "Generation Gap" study
Adults matter
Parents may think their kids aren’t listening, but several studies — including this FOSI report — show that they do. “When teens seek out information about how to stay safe online, nearly three in four (74%) turn to their parents.” Two thirds (66%) of kids say they get their safety information from school or teachers.

Does the gap matter?
“What’s important isn’t that parents micromanage their kids or track their behavior, but whether they have an open relationship that allows for communications about important life events and values.”
Some will undoubtedly fret over the perception gap between teens and parents but based on other data from this survey, I’m not all that concerned. Although I don’t have hard data, I suspect that there has always been a gap between what parents think they know about their kids and what kids think their parents know. It certainly was the case when I was a teen.  My parents had some idea of what I did during the day, but there were many gaps in their knowledge as I went about my teenage life out of their sight whether it was via bicycle during my younger teen years or when I slipped away in the car once I turned 16. What’s important isn’t that parents micromanage their kids or track their behavior, but whether they have an open relationship that allows for communications about important life events and values. Teens need to know that they can come to their parents if they have a problem and want to talk and parents need to know that their teens have internalized important family values when it comes to how they approach decisions that affect their safety and privacy.

Kids feel safe
One of my reasons for optimism is the finding that “95% of teens say they feel very (37%) or somewhat (58%) safe online,” and that parents agree. Ninety four percent of parents say they feel their teen is very (36%) or somewhat (58%) safe online. Just 5% of teens and 6% of parents say they feel unsafe.
What I like about this data is that it tracks reality. The fact is that most kids are reasonably safe online. While we hear about problems, studies have shown that the vast majority of kids are not being bullied or harassed by peers or victimized by predatory adults. The Internet — like life itself — will never be 100% safe, but most kids are pretty savvy when it comes to taking care of themselves online and it’s reassuring to see that parents generally agree.

The study is based on two nationwide online surveys: among 511 13- to 17-year-olds who use the Internet at least occasionally, and another among 500 parents of 13- to 17-year- olds who access the Internet. The Family Online Safety Institute is international non-profit online safety origination  Its member companies include Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, AOL, AT&T and other technology companies.

Top 10: Your Youth Ministry is SO Hip...

10. Your youth pastor doesn't just roast his own coffee beans, he grows them in his office?

9. Your praise band has a name, but people are not allowed to know it

8. You don't have youth group t-shirts, you have youth group scarves!

7. You play dodgeball, but only in an ironic way

6. Your church doesn't have a youth building, you just meet in an abandon warehouse downtown.

5.  Your youth pastor doesn't teach any more, he just tweets his thoughts on a passage

4. Your group has a tab at the apple store.

3. The members of your group wears baggy jeans, because skinny jeans are "so last year"

2. Your youth department has its own on-staff tattoo artist.

1. Your group adopted a Compassion child...LITERALLY!!

*Bonus: Even your Sr. Pastor wears Toms!

Monday Morning Video: "Top 50 Songs of 2012" (mash-up)

What have your students been listening to this year??  Here is the "highlights" of the 50 plus "top" songs for 2012 in 8 minutes!?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Free Media #30: "Christmas Media Collection"

Muddy River Media is SHARING 70 FREE holiday media resources everything from backgrounds to short teaching clips to holiday quizzes and more!  They offer it all for free, but if you and your ministry can afford it consider hitting the donation button to help them out. 
 FROM THEM- " We have given away over 3.7 million dollars worth of media, to more than 20,000 ministries, from 195 countries around the world. The thing that really makes our day is that the vast majority of those ministries are churches of 150 people or less in size... exactly who we started Muddy River Media for."
CLICK HERE (to start browsing)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Free Resource #35: "Pastor Pain" (e-book)

Free eBook: "Pastor Pain," by Steve Bagi
"  I used to be a successful guy who had his act together. So, why am I sitting here unhinged, sad, anxious and lost?" 

CLICK HERE (to download)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Game: "Santa-Rudolph-Frosty"

It's a Christmas version of Gorilla-Man-Gun. It has been a great hit with my MS/JH over the years.

-Two people line up back-to-back. On the count of 3, they turn around mime, "Santa," "Rudolph" or "Frosty."

- For Santa, you make a beard with your hands under your chin.

- For Rudolph, you make reindeer antlers with your hands.For Frosty, your make a carrot nose with your hands. Santa, of course, beats Rudolph with a whip.

- Rudolph beats Frosty, because he kicks him over.Frosty beats Santa, well...just because.It is great time killer and filler. Our group really gets into it, especially the junior high boys!

* Written a while back for Youth Worker Magazine 

CLICK HERE (to download a game graphic)