Monday, December 5, 2011

Top 10: If Popstars Got Saved?

Recently came across the Bilieber Book about how Justin Beiber is a Christian and so forth.  Flash back to Brittany Spears, Jessica Simpson, and few others over the year to see how the story is going to end?  I also read a couple different things about Lady Gaga's faith (Billboard Article).  It got me "thinking" what if some of these pop stars "got saved" what would their new chart topper be?

10. "Red Communion Cup"- Toby Keith
9. "God's Stereo Heart"- Sunday School Class Heroes (*formerly Gym Class Heroes)
8. "Walk That Talk"- Rhianna
7. "Grenade"- Bruno Mars..."HE would have taken a grenade for you, would you do the same..."
6. "Reign Over Me"- Pitbull
5. "Blessed Life"- One Republic
4. "Give Him Everything"- Pitbull
3. "Saved and I Know It"- LMFAO (*because Christian need a couple good dance songs)
2. "Home Skool Gurlz"- Katy Perry..."coolots and one piece on top..."
1. "Born Again This Way"- Lady Gaga (*from her new album "Faith Monster").  Her fans would be her "little ministers" and she could be the "mother minister")