Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Re-Post: 25 Ways to Be Missional in Your Neighborhood

      I LOVE This.  It is where and what our family is trying to live out.  It is also what we are trying to teach our MS/JH students and their families.
      The church and youth ministry spend so much money and time on missions and mission trips, but how often do we really live "on mission" with the people right next door and down the street.  More importantly as people in ministry are we setting the example for our students.
       I recently heard a  "missions" pastor speaking. He is a guy who leads up the missionary trips over-seas and head us up all the contact, support...for the missionaries of his church. He made an off-handed joking comment that he has lived in the same house in the same neighborhood for 20+ years but has no idea who his neighbors on either side of him are?  Hmm....
     Read and Enjoy

by Josh Reeves is the Lead Planting Pastor with Redeemer Church in Round Rock, Texas