Monday, December 5, 2011

Leading Leaders

 I will not lie and I am not trying to brag, so do not start hating on me, but I am truly blessed with a great group of leaders.  It is has honestly been a long road.   Over the years, I have had my great leaders and my not so great leaders.  Overall in my churches I have  had, like I am sure most of you, a decent group of leaders with a rock star or 2 and that is it.  I have done a few different things most of which have had their pros and cons.  I have tried to do it all myself with little or no additional leaders.  Not a good idea for many different reasons. When I came to my last church I cleared out the previous guy's leadership, not the best or worst move, but could have been handled better.  When I came to my present church 7 years ago, I was told I had to keep the leaders I had...for better or worse.  Long story made short, God taught me and He (not me) also slowly cleared out and replaced almost everyone. 

Currently, the leaders that I have are great.  We laugh and have a great time together...almost to much fun.  It also different from past churches, because it is a mix of ages and a mix of parent and non parents.  I have tended in the past to target young, non-parents for leaders.  I had a variety of rationales like they would have more time, the students don't want their parents as leaders, and a bunch of others.  God has taught me and shown me that a you need a variety of people in order for your team to work.  Like Jim Collins ("Good to Great", "Great by Choice..) says, "It is not always a question of what is needed, it a question of who is needed".  

I now also have a group of "leaders" that are in fact leaders, not just followers.  I am not presented with something new to be learned.  How to leader leaders and not just lead followers.  Something I am been thinking about and working on.  I saw this this morning, so I figured I would share it.  Let me know what you think?  Where are you at?  What are you learning?  How are you doing finding and leading leaders?