Monday, December 19, 2011

Help your kids read the Bible! (FREE)

Here is a free little something to help your MS/JH students get into the word.  Offered by Biblica, (formerly International Bible Society) it is a 9 day starter version to get your students reading and engaged in the Bible.
It is a good way to introduce the idea and the resource before you purchase it.   Check it out and see what you and your students think.

I have been using Biblica resources and Bibles for years.  They are also a great place to get Bibles to give away or to use in your room/ministry VERY inexpensively. Face it, even though it is "God's Word" we know how the Bible we provide get treated.

Here is the link to CBE Mini: and also here is a little promo video to introduce you to what it is all about.