Thursday, December 1, 2011

Flash Planking

    It is a real thing, or at least it is now.  Last night as part of our new series on faith, my 6th-8th graders "flash planked" the Sr. High ministry about 5 minutes into their night.  It was an amazing fun time and it bonded our group while give me an active lesson illustration.

   Taking the best of both worlds of flash mobs and planking and combine them for a fun activity and community builder.  Just like a flash mob you show up at a location, but instead of dancing you have a group planking We quickly and quietly walked into the room found our place and stood their, and then on my signal everyone planked people, objects or the floor.  We quickly took a group picture, stood up, handed the Sr. high youth pastor a poster say "You have been Flash Planked" and walked out.

     We have already started talking about making it a bigger thing by create a new spin on the old scavenger hunt, by having teams or small groups assigned to be photograph or videoed “flash planking” a variety of things, places, and people.  Points can be given how many are done in a set amount of time and for creativity.  

Seriously name it and claim it JH Style!! I have 4 words..."The Hollister Flash Plank"!!?? 

How do you think this would work for your group?  Do you have any other ideas that you could add ?

Here is a great graphic that was created for me by Youth Leader Stash  
Click below!
Flash Planking Graphic

Submitted and Published in Group Magazine (May/June 2012 issue)