Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Chaos Night (Ran-dumb fun & Games)

Every year the week before Christmas we have an off night in our group. It is usually a smaller night so we try to make it more of a "ran-dumb" fun night!!  We have holiday praise and worship, a shorter lesson time. and a huge pizza/pop time at the end of the night, but the big deal is always the crazy games and activities.  Here is some of this years fun.  Some old faithfuls with a few tweaks and a few new ones.  Hope they give you some ideas or help you with your own night?  Pass along and/or share with others!!

Up front/Dan’s Disgusting Games
-          Egg Nog Bob: bobbing for marshmallow snowmen in bowls of egg nog
-          Tortilla Snowflake: nibble the best snowflake into a xl soft tortilla
-          Stocking Stuffer:  2 teams of 2.  1 member holds a Christmas stocking in their teeth while other one a distance away throws random small toys into it.
-          Frozen T-shirt: have a person try to unfold a frozen tshirt and then put it on
-          Human Christmas Cookie: 2 teams of 2: 1 member sits in a chair and lays their head back onto a table.  The other member is given Christmas cookie decorating supplies to create a human Christmas cookie
-          Reindeer Roping:  2 teams of 2. One member is given a set of reindeer antlers, the other member is give an rope and has to try to lasso the reindeer
-          Tinsel Blow: have 2 people try to keep a single piece of tinsel afloat for as long as they can only using their breath.
-          Igloo Race: each person is given a bowl of ice cubes and must make the best igloo in a set amount of time.
-          Figgy Pudding: place 10 fresh figs in the bottom of 2 bowl, cover with chocolate pudding, and have people race “bob-style” using only their face to find all the figs
-          Pop-SICK-les: using a popsicle mold or even a ice cube tray and toothpicks freeze various gross Holiday liquids & foods to be eaten as quickly as possible.
·        suggestions: Jones soda holiday flavors or Turkey or ham baby food!
-    Spam Snowman: using 2 cans worth of spam and tooth picks. People have to ball, form and create a snowman. 

Big Group Games:
-          Wrapping Run: Around: similar to the only spinning baseball bat race.  Each person must put on a Santa hat and a pair of Christmas sunglasses and then spin 4xs on the end of a roll of wrapping paper and then race to a point and back
-          Ice Toes: Marbles or small Christmas items (erasers..) are placed in a roaster pan full of ice.  Each person must run down place their bare foot in the pan and find the item with their toes, then holding it with their toes race back
-          Shirt box Showdown: using a large shirt box members have to fan a Christmas bulb to a point and back
-          Leader Santa: 2 leaders are seated on the far end of the area and their faces are smeared with peanut butter. Each member of the team has to race down with a mini marshmallow and place it some where on their faces, created a Santa beard. 
-          Shovel Race: Like the old egg and spoon race, but your using a snow shovel and large beachball (or similar item)
-          Candy Cane Pass: each person gets a small candy cane to be placed in their teeth hook out.  The first person in each line is given another small candy cane. The goal is to pass it down the line without using hands, passing it from candy cane mouth to candy cane mouth.
-          Gift wrap the Leader: like it sounds, each member of a team is given a small piece of wrapping paper, a small piece of tape and must race down to a seated leader and gift wrap them.  The last couple people in the line have ribbon and a bow.