Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Book Review: "More Lost, Than Found"- Jared Herd

 Most Lost than Found by Jared Herd takes a story-packed meandering walk through culture, Christianity, adolescence, church and faith.  More story telling than philosophy Herd gently guides the reader along his own faith journey.  While addressing the same topics and discussions many are having about church and faith, Herd does it through the power of story.   The book throughout is full of great quotes and illustrations to make is point clear. There is no big “a-ha” conclusion at the end to wrap it all up, he simply challenge us stay anchored while giving us permission to take our own journeys of faith as well. It is an easy and fun read.
The book includes great discussion questions in the back making it a good tool to use for leaders and students alike.  The book would be best used in a small group setting as an additional discussion resource.  I happened to be reading this book while in the middle of teaching a series on “faith”. It gave me some food for thought and a challenge as I prepared for the coming weeks of teaching.  

- Written for Youth Worker Magazine