Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lesson Series: Up & Down (Growing Up & Being Young)

A 3 week lesson series based on I Timothy 4:12, about growing up in your faith while being looked down on for being young.


- Complete Lesson Outline (PDF), including passages, video clip illustration suggestions & active links to many of there clips
- 3 Complete Powerpoint Presentations (Flattened JPEGS), to work in any presentation software)

1. "Grown Up Example" 
2. "Because You ARE Young"
3. "Oh Grow Up!? Growing Faith

CLICK HERE (to get it all) 

Teaching T-Shirt: Beware of False Prophets

     Being a Jr. High youth pastor, I like and wear t-shirts, especially ones that are funny or have something to say.  I am not a big fan of the usual "Christian" t-shirts (aka- the cheese).  I even have started a set of Monday Favorites on my facebook page including a "t-shirt of the week".   This may seem weird in the world of multi-media and everything on a screen, but I like to find Teaching T-shirts, shirts that go along with a lesson or series.  I don't spend tons of money, often just finding them online to show as part of my teaching.  What I discovered is the students have really get into it and they really do make good illustrations. My latest find is below.

    My Family and I decided to take our 7th/8th grade girls out to lunch and do a little post-Christmas shopping.  It was a fun day and great connection time.  While we were wandering around we went into Pac Sun to check out their stuff.  I like their stuff and can occasionally find a deal.  It is a JH youth pastor kind of store and I find some great inspiration for lesson illustration and also some ideas for our own youth group t-shirt designs.  Once again yesterday I found an awesome t-shirt to use as a teaching tool.  Check it out!

    On the back it also had the verse Matt. 7:15?!!  A great t-shirt for teaching your students about knowing God's word, influences, and even discernment.
       Once again it blows me away to go in to places like PacSun,  Forever 21, or Buckle and find shirt and logos that "preach".   I think it also adds a bit to the lesson, by being able to say "Hey, I picked this up at __________ and it is amazing to see that even "the world" is getting, why aren't we as Christians".

Here a link if your interested:

Just another little helpful resource and idea.  Let me know what you think.  If you find a great t-shirt that "preaches" send it to me and I will post it up with your suggestions on how it can be used.