Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Review: "Theological Turn in Youth Ministry"

Book Review: Theological Turn in Youth Ministry
            As a youth pastor in the trenches for 17 years that is continually forming a scope and sequence of teaching that is centered on theology beliefs and theological living, this book is a breath of fresh air.  Root and Dean do an extremely thorough job of laying down the foundation in the first half of the book and then building a solid place in the second half of the book for us as youth worker to live in.  In addition to the well written content of each chapter, I truly appreciated the “discussion and reflection” exercises at the end of each chapter as well.  It forces the reader to take a much needed time to stop, breath, soak and apply it.  This book is what I have been thinking and living in ministry, but now I can actually read it and see it in black and white. 
            I would highly recommend this book to any youth ministry professional, while seeing this book’s content as almost too much for the average couple hours a week volunteer to handle. I will most definitely use this book as the basis for team training, but will do it in bite-size pieces.  This book in my opinion should be on the required reading lists of every college with a youth ministry program.  I wish this book was handed out my first day of “introduction to youth ministry”!

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