Thursday, December 29, 2016

See You in January!

Be Back Around in  January....

Taking some time to hang with family, celebrate the holiday season, after a wild ride of a year in ministry. 

I will also be doing a bit of writing and creating elsewhere again for a few places.

- Parent Ministry (writing the NEW set of online parent classes, so join now!) 

- Youth Worker Journal (Upcoming Article for New Issue & Fresh Blog Posts, subscribe now! New and exciting things coming in the new year!!) 

- International Children Ministry Network (3 New Game "Books", coming in early spring. Register for the conference in FLORIDA to get my last game book for FREE!)

- Download Youth Ministry (new group of crazy games!!) 

Also make sure, to grab the newest Group Magazine, after the new year, for a new RanDumb Youth Ministry Top 10 List- "Top 10: REAL Reasons for Being Late for Pick Up".  Be looking for a new post for Youth Specialties Blog after the new year as well!

Finally, coming up right after the new year, January 19th-21st, I will be speaking at Clark Summit University and the Vision for Youth: National Youth Ministry Conference there, so I will be preparing for that as well.  If you are on the east coast, you should jump in.  It is an affordable, relaxed time for youth workers AND their spouses!  Melissa and I would love to meet you!

ALL OF THAT, in addition to my REAL MINISTRY, serving at my amazing "new" church (*as of Sept) Victory Church in Lancaster, PA!  If you are ever in the area/region come check us out.  If you happen to be around not on a weekend, let me know you are near by, I will buy you a FREE cup of coffee!

Blessing on your 2017!!


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

News U Can Use: "Learning and Technology for Younger Teens"

"Pens and notebooks, you may be on the way out as the main tools of classroom learning. At least according to one study, technology is catching on in a big way.

New survey data out Thursday from online-learning site Quizlet shows that teachers and students have a largely positive view of tech in the classroom.

In November 2016, Quizlet surveyed 12,525 students and 10,800 teachers in the US and found that 69 percent of students say devices help them learn and 66 percent said apps help them learn. And when comparing Generation Z (those born after 2000) to millennials, the newer batch of students are 28 percent more likely to feel that tech helps them learn more quickly than the old familiar tools like worksheets and lectures.

On the whole, teachers came across as more enthusiastic -- they're 32 percent more likely than students to say learning tech is a good use of classroom time. They also think it's more fun for students. Eighty-three percent of teachers surveyed by Quizlet think devices make learning more fun, compared with 63 percent of students.

Quizlet doesn't see any drop-off ahead...."