Friday, April 21, 2017

Resource Marketplace: "THE MINISTRY MARKET"

Looking for a place to share or sell your resources? 

Have you submitted your amazing game or lesson to be "downloaded" for youth ministry and are waiting for it to posted? 

Consider "The Ministry Market", to get your resources out there and make a little bit of money. 

Admittedly, it sounds to good to be true or some kinds of scam, but it is not.  It is a real opportunity to get your resources and yourself out there.  Also, being real, if you look, you will see it is just taking off, so the youth ministry resources are limited.  It is only because people have not heard about it and have not really taken advantage of this neat, simple site.    My wife, who is a teacher, uses a similar site "Teachers Pay Teachers".  You will have do a bit of leg work and promote yourself and your "store" but it will pay-off a bit if you do.  You won't get rich, but it might be just enough to take your special someone out a couple times?

Basic Instruction:
1. Sign Up/Create An Account (it is FREE)
2. Create Your Own Store (it is FREE!)
3. Upload Your Stuff (you are responsible for quality and proof-reading)
      * Set up if you want to provide downloadable content or even physical content that needs to   
        physically mailed 
4. Set Up Your Dashboard (control your content)
5. Connect Your PayPal Account
6. Promote Your Stuff.

CHECK OUT MY STORE (*as an example) 

RanDumb Youth Ministry Meme #116

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Teaching Clip #74: "I Grew Up in the Westboro Baptist Church...."

A powerful Ted Talk, that might work well as a teaching clip, small group discussion, or as a lesson lead in. 

WARNING: There is some language and topics that might not fit your group.  Please pre-watch and decide if your group/context is the best fit for the clip.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Game #169: "Pool Noodle Charades"



• 2-3 long pool noodles
• Pack of index cards
• Pen/Marker

Quick explanation: A twist on the charades where teams will work to guess what the upfront player(s) are acting out in the time allowed

Before the Game:
• Write out clues on the index cards (suggestions below)
• Split the group into at least 2 teams. Consider guys vs. girls.
• Give the players the “Quick Explanation” and rules
• Start off by ask for 1 player from the first team to come to the front
• Have them face their team and show them the clue on the card
• On “Go!” player will have 30 second using the pool noodle act out or form a clue for their team to try to guess.
• Continue the game with each team taking turns and have new upfront players each round
• Teams get 1 point for each correct guess

• Upfront players cannot speak, make sounds or form letter/numbers.
• The guessing team only has the allowed time to guess, if they cannot guess it correctly the opposing team has 1 guess as a team to “steal” and get the point.
• Do not announce category, unless you would like. It will make it a bit more fun and difficult

• Winning team is the team that has the most points at the end of the assigned rounds.

Clue Suggestions:
  • Easy: Animals (moose, horse…), Food (spaghetti, burger, banana…) Object (phone, knife, straw) Sports (basketball, soccer, pole vaulting…) 
  • Medium: Person (firemen, soldier…) Action (walk, run, fly, question…)
  • Hard: Movie Title (Star Wars, Snakes on a Plane, Tangled,…) TV Shows (The Voice, Dance with the Stars…)